In today’s age, a business wont even be able to get it’s feet off the ground without the internet. Years ago, companies were built upon getting adverts on the television and on the radio, but now the foundations of a company are Instagram and Facebook accounts. The public are spending more time than ever glued to their screens and so that where you need to be! A surprising number of Leigh Music Co.’s sales are made online and mostly not even through our own website. is the modern day location for all “barn finds”, the number 1 place for used and vintage instruments. For a shop like Leigh Music Co., where we have a plethora of instruments ranging from 50’s Hofners to 2018 Supros, it is the perfect place to showcase our wonderful guitars. Now that we are  a Reverb Preferred Seller, posting an advert for a guitar is rather like throwing a steak into a pack of lions.

If only all you readers could be in the shop for “photo night”, where Tom and his tripod composed mostly of an IKEA stool, a phone case and masking tape capture the majesty of the new and second hand guitars that we have in stock. Our professional lighting rig (a Black and Decker work light encased in a snare drum) allows every nook and cranny of the guitars to be captured, giving us studio image quality every time!

The cherry on top of the photos, if you don’t mind me saying, would have to be the lovingly crafted descriptions. My evenings at our little music shop are spent researching our guitars, learning about how, for example, Furch acoustic guitars were founded in socialist Czechoslovakia during the mid-70s. Also, how La Patrie guitars employ everybody in the the town of La Patrie, Canada. Not only does this knowledge allow me to write for days about everything that we sell, but it also adds to the wealth of information that Tom and I are building for ourselves.

All of these elements combined results with an advertisement guitar players all over the globe cant seem to resist! We get enquiries from all over the globe and have shipped guitars from Belfast to Israel. See our hard work for yourself on our Reverb Page!

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