Ted and the '62 Reissue Custom Telecaster: A Love Story

Hello there Reader,

I hope this finds you in good health. It's been quite the stint since my previous blog post for Leigh Music Co.; I can only apologise for my lack of communication. However, one perk that comes of me being awfully lazy, is that I have much more time to muster up a topic to write about (every cloud and all that). So without further ado, let's swiftly move on to today's topic, shall we?

Love at first sight is tale old as time. Nonetheless, it is an emotion that everybody comes to endure at some point. Ancient chronicles tell of a fair maiden and her prince/saviour, or something dull like that. But no, my love story shall prevail above the rest as it is infinitely cooler and also has nothing to do princesses. 

My story starts on a mini break with the family in Brighton; birthday money burning a considerable hole in my pocket. It was reasonably small minded for a guitar addict such as myself to be strolling down the North Laine and to even entertain the idea of not buying something! This is because one of Brighton's main features, for I and other musicians alike, is it's wealth of music shops, from percussion to woodwind, strings to brass. Therefore, what happened next was frankly inevitable.

As we walked past shop front after shop front, having already spied a wonderful 1966 Gibson EB2 bass in Cherry behind a previous window, I cast my eyes over a magnificent Telecaster. To be specific, it was a Fender Japan 1962 Reissue Custom Telecaster, a guitar that I had been obsessing over for a solid half a year or so. And just to add to my utter disbelief, the tag that was written on it read the following:

REDUCED - Fender Japan 1962 Reissue Custom Telecaster B-STOCK


At this moment, in a flight of awe and mild shock, I went into the shop and immediately asked to give a go. The surprised look on the employee's face make me think that I may have seemed rather brash and feverish when asking to try the Telecaster in the window, but I just had to give a go.

I'm going to geek out for a paragraph or so now, so please feel free to skip a little further down the page, if you are don't appreciate such geekiness. Fender initially introduced the Esquire in 1950, which rapidly evolved becoming the Telecaster that we know and love today, in 1951. It became a workhorse instrument due to it's robust construction, as opposed to the fragile hollowbody guitars on the market at the time. In 1958, Fender made their first variant of the Telecaster with the Custom Telecaster - a standard spec Telecaster but with a double bound body to give a more tuxedo, polished style. In the same year, Fender released the Jazzmaster, so one can only assume that this was a stab at spreading their reach from rock 'n' roll, to other styles of music. The Custom Telecaster was continued all the way through the 60's and the early 70's until 1972, when the Custom had a rebrand. Fender introduced the Telecaster Custom, featuring a Seth Lover designed Wide Range Humbucker in the neck position and Gibson style wiring.

Back to my initial narrative, the guitar was a dream. Not long after letting my parents know about the wonderful find was I stood at the till, thinking back to an magnificent scene from Wayne's World -

"Can I put the guitar back now sir?" "Not today my good man, I think I'm gonna buy it. Do you accept, cash?" *insert till noise*

A couple of weeks on, and the guitar has not disappointed. It contrasts in a beautiful way to my Mexican Standard Telecaster, which has played it's fair share of shows and been knocked about more than it deserves; not to mention the 50's style partscaster built and gifted to me by my Grandfather.

I often hear people say that the full set is a Strat, a Les Paul and a Tele, but three Telecasters suits this fella down to the ground.

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