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Around 6 months ago, I had not done much, if any camera work at all. However, in the establishment of a small business, it is important to keep as on top of your online profile as possible. In previous blogs, I have talked about how imperative an online presence is, being a young and growing business in 2018. Therefore was inevitable that as time went on, Leigh Music Co. YouTube videos were becoming more and more of a priority to us.

As if by magic, in walked our future partner in videography-related crime. This anonymous friend/customer (who will be referred to as C from now on) was looking to begin his own YouTube channel. His channel was to be a fountain of entertainment for guitar players and gear nerds alike, where one discusses guitars, amps pedals and engages in general tomfoolery. It just so happens that C was looking for a couple of presenters, and thus, The Guitaristas was born. This was my first venture into doing film work for an online audience and so quite the journey it was that I was to embark on. Tom had already done some previous work for boosting our online presence, talking with James from Seagull guitars (watch the first episode of their series here).

Our first shoot with C for the Guitaristas was quite the experience for me, considering the only performing that I have ever done has been as a character or for entirely musical purposes. But regardless of my nerves, C managed to make Tom and I feel at home in front of the cameras. The Guitaristas is filmed in a 'fly on the wall' style, where we rarely address the cameras and we just chat about guitars in the same way that we do all day every day (you can see the first Guitaristas video here).

Having now filmed several videos with C and a smattering of other creators around the Leigh On Sea area, I think it's fair to say that we two are aficionados of videography. However, after extensive research into the market and working within the YouTube environment, its has become evident just how utterly swamped the internet is with guitar reviews, talks and demos. Companies such as Reverb, Anderton's and Chicago Music Exchange are giants within the internet, with a video reviewing anything you could possibly want. So, our perspective is to keep the traditional format of a gear demo/review but with new and different content. This way, we are giving the viewers what they know and love, but still putting our fingerprint on the video.

It would be much appreciated f you would trawl through our video history - we didn't do all these videos for nothing!

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