Working in a Music Shop is Great and all...


If you came here to listen to me complain about my co-workers or my working environment, you are destined to be nothing but thoroughly disappointed. No, today I'm writing this blog in order to complain about my very own, personalised, Leigh Music Co specialist, 1st world problem. I want to buy everything.

I have discovered in my time at the shop that, the good stuff really doesn't hang about. Twice in the past two weeks, I have been gearing up (pardon the pun) to treat myself to something that we have had come in; only to sell it to an blissfully naïve customer the very next day. Selling an amp or guitar you desperately desire is, in my imagination, rather like selling off your pet or a child. Only, with much less emotional attachment and you are likely to forget about it quite quickly. It still mega sucks though. I believe that the story of me and a Marshall JCM900 combo we had in recently, is rather comparable to the infinitely famous tale of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. In my version however, they did not fall in love at first sight and when Juliet dies, Romeo just sort of, gets over it.

However, in times of sadness such as these, I like to think back to a time were there was truly a happy ending, a Christmas miracle may I add. A particular Simon and Patrick Woodland Pro Folk HG had been sat on the wall for a while - this is back in 2016. It's glossy sunburst finish and slotted headstock had been staring at me from across the room for a number of months, since the shop opened in fact. It had already featured in Youtube videos posted by Leigh Music Co and it was staple of Leigh Music Co's decor.

The story is traditional and rather simple; I picked it up and it's all solid wood construction resonated with me (literally), the overtones filling the room with glorious harmony. I adored this guitar, and I scrimped, saved and scraped up some funds (including a withdrawal from the bank of Mum and Dad) in order to receive it as a Christmas gift. The 25th December 2016 was 446 days ago, as of when I wrote this blog; I have played my Simon and Patrick everyday.

Leigh Music Co, being the tonal centre of Leigh on Sea that it is, attracts second hand goodies from all around Southend. If you are guitar or bass player, head on down and see what we've got that tickles your fancy, floats your boat and takes your breath away. Or if you are looking to sell something that you think could go to a new loving home, get in touch with us.

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