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Tanglewood DBT SFCE Electro Acoustic Guitar


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The Tanglewood DBT SFCE guitar is an great quality guitar, for an affordable price! It has a slim body and neck profile, making it very comfortable to play for extended periods of time - ideal for practicing, rehearsing and gigging with. Another reason why the DBT SFCE is a great gigging guitar is it's in-built electronics system, allowing you to plug in and play at any live event! The system also includes a three-band EQ and a tuner. The cutaway design allows the guitarist to play notes higher up the neck and also looks sleek and professional. 

There is a variety of different tonewoods available to have on the back and sides, including Ovangkol, Ebony, Pacific and Black Walnut. These woods all have slightly different tonal qualities about them and also vary in looks. All of the different models have a Spruce top, which has a light sound to it and is well matched with all of the options for the back and side materials.

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