Tanglewood TW4 Electro Acoustic Guitar


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The Tanglewood TW4 model is a solid top electro acoustic guitar, sporting the same 'Super Folk' body shape as the DBT SFCE model. The benefit of this body shape is it's slim, comfortable design and it's cutaway, allowing the player to easily access notes above the 12th fret. This guitar features Tanglewood's own 'B-Band' electronic system, with a four band EQ, volume and a tuner. Like most in-built electronics, this is all powered off a 9V battery positioned by the output jack.

Having a solid top on your acoustic guitar is something that you will continue to reap the benefits of! A guitar with a solid top will age excellently, as the sugars in the wood crystallise; it will always resonate much better than a guitar with a laminated wood top. A solid top is always something that you should try and find within your budget.

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