Planet Waves Eclipse Clip-On Headstock Guitar Tuner


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Affordable no longer means compromise.  Introducing the D’Addario-Planet Waves Eclipse Tuner – the low-cost tuner with high-price performance.  The Eclipse chromatic clip-on tuner offers fast, accurate tuning on and off the stage.  The tuner features a full-colour display, auto power-off, and pitch calibration in a discreet, compact design.  The vertical orientation of the display features intuitive visualisation of pitch reference, while the dual swivel display allows the perfect viewing angle and can be mounted in front or behind the headstock on right- and left-handed instruments.  Available in multiple colours, the Eclipse Tuner is the latest offering from D’Addario’s award-winning tuner line.


- Fast and accurate tuning.

- Full-colour vertical display.

- Dual swivel display for the perfect viewing angle.

- Discreet, compact design available in multiple colours.