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Danelectro '59m NOS Back to Black


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The Danelectro '59m, a listed in the Danelectro range since the late 1950's, used by an array of artists through the years including Page, Hendrix and Knopfler. This guitar comes with the modern tuneable, die cast bridge for improved intonation, and of course the classic dual Lipstick® pickup configuration.

The NOS in the title stands for New Old Stock; it is there because not too long ago, Danelectro found a large amount of Lipstick® pickups they misplaced 15 years ago. After giving them a listen, the folks at Danelectro noticed that they had even more bite than their current stock pickup - whether this because of the subtly aged magnets, or the changes in material used over the years - no one knows! But for whatever reason, these pickups sound better than ever.

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