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Gibson J45 1950

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The Gibson J45 is the pinnacle of flat-top acoustic guitars. They were released back in 1942 as a standard, workhorse instrument and have been in continuous production ever since. It was initially released to be a model up from the J-35 an affordable model which was very typical of The Great Depression. It used the same widely popular Jumbo body shape Gibson had introduced in 1934 on their 'Jumbo Flattop', attempting to break into the dreadnought market that Martin had dominated for the previous 4 years with their 'D' range of guitars.

This particular guitar clearly been played throughout it's 68 years, as it shows a lot wear and looks rugged. However, this does not take away from the feel or the sound of the guitar, as it is everything that is expected from a guitar of such prestigious heritage. It has a great bass tone when strummed, but this guitar really comes into it's own when being fingerpicked - something that might not be expected from a guitar such as this.

Both the neck and the bridge have been reset, which is something that any owner would have to do to their vintage flat-top in due course.