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Tanglewood DBT D EB


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The dreadnought acoustic guitar is a design that goes a long way back in the story of acoustic guitars. It was originally designed in 1916 by Martin Guitar Company for a retailer called Oliver Ditson Company. The product was discontinued until 1931 when Martin released the D-1. The dreadnought was designed for volume and bottom end which is superior to the smaller bodied guitars of the time - this guitar is no exception to the rule.

The Tanglewood DBT D EB is from the same Discovery series as their top selling DBT SFCE guitar and is crafted to the same great quality. The DBT D EB has an Ebony back and sides, with a Spruce top. It has a huge sound which can only be achieved by a big bodied guitar such as this, yet with a comfortable neck profile which is not overly sized.